Friday, May 10, 2013

AB Government - Bill 207 will force individuals to say yes or no to organ & tissue donation!!

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I just thought you might to have a look at this....

let's talk about this with others...

Will  this help or hinder the donation process ??? What do you think??

Last night received an email stating that -

Bill 207 was going to 2nd reading on Monday. - Apparently Minister Dave Hancock, who is the Government House Leader in charge of Legislature business, stood up in the Legislature this afternoon to announce that Bill 207 will be reintroduced next week as a Government Bill.   

 Bill 207 – will force Alberta drivers to make decision on organ & tissue donation.
Section 4 Page 2

4.2(1) When an adult applies to the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services for issuance or renewal of an operator's licence under the Traffic Safety Act, that adult shall be asked whether her or she consents to the donation of his or her tissue, organs or body in accordance with section 4(1)(a)
 (2) If an adult provides his or her written consent under subsection(1),  the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services shall

(a) transmit that information to the Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Agency for inclusion in the online registry, and

(b) affix a sticker in the prescribed form indicating the consent on and area of the operator's licence designated for that purpose.

If yes – names will automatically go into an online donor registry.

How do Albertans feel about this and how will the Alberta donor registry be set up?

Note -
Depending on how the Alberta donor registry is set up, they may or may not have to notify families when harvesting organs or tissues.

My answer 

 Yes to a donor registry, but when it comes to getting organ & tissue donors -

 Educate don't legislate -

Some individuals want to donate but will not put their heir names in a donor registry.

 Don't force individuals to say no to donation!

Maria Stranaghan
Donor mom 1993


  1. Hi Maria

    It is so exciting that through this Bill Alberta is getting closer to putting in place the same supports for organ donation that have shown good results in other jurisdictions with higher rates of donation, including a provincial agency mandated to undertake ongoing public and medical professional education.

    I hear you saying you are concerned that the driver's license provision might be off putting to some. Of course it depends in how the question is asked, but asking someone every five years if they are interested in being on the donor registry is a really effective kind of education - it brings awareness to every driving adult in Alberta - people who may never have thought about donation, and it regularly prompts people to see if they are interested in signing the registry. This is common practice in other jurisdictions. Someone may never have thought about it when first asked and isn't ready to sign up - they aren't saying no, they are saying I am not interested/ready to be on the registry - doesn't preclude them from donating should the situation arise. The registry just makes it more efficient to gather consent of those willing to be on the registry.

    It is entirely possible Maria that as a young person I would not have thought about donation or was even vaguely uncomfortable about it. Asking me regularly helps make donation a regular and normal part of our culture and takes away both the ignorance and the apathy. I may not have signed up as a young person who had never thought about it, but maybe when I'm asked a few years later and have now had a personal experience or have heard someone like you open my mind to the issue, maybe then I would sign up.

    In the end it is all about helping raise awareness and motivating action - so we can make sure all of those people who might wish to be a donor are given the opportunity to be.

    Thoughts? Take care, Nancy

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